First, I’d like to say thank you for stopping by my page.

Here is the gear that I use to capture these photons that have traveled for thousands, sometimes millions of years through space.


Telescopes: Stellarvue 80mm ED APO triplet refractor with a Stellarvue 0.8 focal reducer. I also use a Celestron C8 with a 6.3 focal reducer. I have previously used a Celestron C6-Newtonian.

Mount: Up until April of 2016 I used the Celestron AVX. Upgraded to Celestron CGEM DX.

Camera: Canon T3i and a ZWO ASI1600MM-COOL.

Guiding: Orion 50mm guide scope and SSAG.

I also use Apple computers for capturing and processing.

apt_banner_l I use Astro Photography Tool for image capturing and PixInsight for image calibration and processing and PHD2 for guiding. *APT is unstable with my new camera, it looks like I will be switching to Sequence Generator Pro.