The North American Nebula


The North American Nebula (and Pelican Nebula) is an emission nebula in the constellation Cygnes. This area is literally glowing with emission nebula. In visible light, this would mostly appear red. However, I captured this with narrowband filters, using my new camera which is mono which I explained here. This is actually a bi-color image. It’s more common to use 3 channels (Ha, Oiii, Sii). But this is just Ha and Oiii. Red=Ha, Green= Oiii, Blue = Oiii, then while processing some colors are brought up, others brought down to get the colors I want.
That is what is neat about astrophotography. There is a lot of science involved, but there is also some artistic freedoms, especially with narrowband imaging.

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The Elephant Trunk Nebula


The Elephant Trunk Nebula is an area of ionized gas and dust in the constellation Cepheus. It’s about 2,400 light years away. This is my first real narrowband image and I chose to go for the Hubble palette. (R=Sii, G=Ha, B=Oiii) Like most regions with ionized gas, it’s thought to be an area of new star formation, recent surveys have found multiple young stars in the region. I had hoped to get more data, but there is always next year. This year has been very cloudy and wet, this summer especially. Between the bad weather and problems with my mount, I haven’t been able to image as much as I’d like.

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